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Welcome to the group webpage


The aim of our research group is to tackle fundamental problems in Chemistry and Physics using Mathematical techniques. The group's interest lies at the interface between Physics and Chemistry, and mainly focus on developing simple approximations that are accurate enough to have chemical and physical usefulness. I am collaborating with Michel Caffarel and Anthony Scemama, who are also members of the LCPQ.

If you would like to discuss joining the group or working on a project, please email as below.

BREAKING NEWS: Quantum Package 2.0 is out!!

We are delighted to announce the release of Quantum Package v2 for fast, accurate ans scalable selected CI calculations!! Full paper coming out soon. Stay tune.


  • May 2019: Thomas Colle has joined us for a Master 1 project on conical intersections.
  • Nov 2018: Come and join us at TCCM Winter School LTTC in Luchon!
  • Oct 2018: Peter Gill from the Australian National University will be visiting our group in October next year!
  • Sep 2018: Mika just had his 1st paper accepted in JCTC! Congrats!
  • Sep 2018: Joshua Hollett (Winnipeg) is visiting our group up to early November.
  • Jun 2018: Mika has been awarded a PhD scholarship and will remain in the group for the next three years.
  • Jan 2018: Mika has joined the group for a Master project.
  • Feb 2017: Sebastian Sitkiewicz (Master student) from Valencia has joined the group for a 3-month stay. He will work on the non-linear optic properties of model systems.
  • Dec 2016: I am moving back to France (University Paul Sabatier in Toulouse) on a CNRS research position.

Group Members

  • Pierre-Francois Loos (group leader, CV)

    Charge de recherche (HDR)
    Laboratoire de Chimie et Physique Quantiques
    Université de Toulouse, CNRS, UPS, France

    Telephone: +33 5 6155 7339
    E-mail: loos@irsamc.ups-tlse.fr

  • Mickael Veril (PhD student, UPS)

  • Thomas Colle (M1 student, UPS)

    Past Members

  • Joshus Hollett (2018)
  • Sebastian Sitkiewicz and Marat Sibaev (2017)
  • Harrison Barnett and Fergus Rogers (2016)
  • Daniel Hills, Nilupuli Senadhira and Wenqi Zhang (2016)
  • Nathaniel Bloomfield and Anneke Knol (2015)
  • Davids Agboola (2014-2015)
  • Ee-Faye Chong, Stuart Ferrie and Matt Plowman (2015)
  • Amy Kendrick (2014)
  • Dominic Weiller (2013)