Herman Batelaan : New directions in Electron Matter Optics

Herman Batelaan
(Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA)

Salle de séminaire du 3ème étage, Bât. 3R1B4

Attention !!! horaire exceptionnel : 11h

Abstract : Matter optics for electrons is usually associated with the well established techniques of electron microscopy and crystallography. Manipulation of electron waves also includes the use of laser light and nanofabricated structures. An overview including the Kapitza-Dirac effect, nanofabricated gratings, double slits, field emission tips, biprisms, femtosecond pulses, plasmonics, spin coupling will be presented. Some future research directions will be indicated to indicate that the field of electron matter optics is both mature and established, as well as new and exciting

New directions in Electron Matter Optics

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