Dr. Hye-Sook Park : NIF, the frontier of new laser driven science platform (IRSAMC - 7 octobre 2013)

Dr. Hye-Sook Park
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Salle de séminaire du 3ème étage, Bât. 3R1B4, 14h00

Abstract :
The National Ignition Facility (NIF) , located near San Francisco, CA, USA, is the most powerful laser system in the world. It has 192 beams that can deliver up to 2 Mega Joules at 351 nm with 500 TW total peak intensity. Since its first physics experiments in 2009, it has been conducting target physics experiments that include Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF) and High Energy Density physics experiments. This talk will introduce the NIF, present the latest laser driven ICF results, and discuss how the NIF can be used for experiments in the fundamental high energy density sciences.

Dr. Hye-Sook Park received her Ph. D. from University of Michigan, studying Proton Decay with the IMB experiment, a 20 cubic meter water tank under Lake Erie. This experiment detected the first extra-terrestrial neutrinos from the SN1987A explosion. After post-doctoral work at University of California, Berkeley, she has been working at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory since 1987. She has developed experimental techniques in plasma physics, materials science, and astrophysics that have significantly enriched fundamental science, applied science, and national security science. She is a Fellow of American Physical Society since 2010.

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