Séminaire SFP, Vendredi 12 octobre 2018 à 11h30 par Leo GROSS

Titre : Identifier des molécules avec des méthodes de physicien : On-surface synthesis by atomic manipulation studied with atomic force microscopy

Lieu : Amphi CONCORDE. Bâtiment U4, Université Paul Sabatier

par Leo GROSS, IBM Research – Zurich
Parrain de promotion 2019, Master2 physique fondamentale

Présentation :
Elusive molecules can be created using atomic manipulation with a combined atomic force/scanning tunneling microscope (AFM/STM). Molecules that are highly reactive and short-lived under ambient conditions can be stabilized at low temperature and by using inert surfaces. Employing high-resolution AFM with functionalized tips [1] provides insights into the structure, geometry, aromaticity and bond orders of the molecules created and into the reactions performed [2]. On-surface synthesis by atomicmanipulation studied with We created radicals, diradicals [3], non-Kekulé molecules [4], anti- atomic force microscopy aromatics [5], and polyynes [6] and studied their structural and electronic properties. We recently showed that the reorganization energy of a molecule on an insulator can be determined [7]. In addition, we expanded the toolbox for the synthesis of molecules by atomic manipulation, demonstrating reversible cyclisation reactions [3] (see Figure) and, most recently, skeletal rearrangements [6].

References :

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