coll 2011

Young European Physicists Meeting

Toulouse, France, July 18-22, 2011 Correspondant : B. Chatel YEP meetings are organized for early stage career physicists by their peers. This year’s meeting is organized by members of FASTQUAST Marie Curie Initial training Network. It will be held in Toulouse, France from 18th -22nd of (...)

European summerschool in quantum chemistry 2011

ESQC2011-18 septembre au 1 octobre en Sicile Correspondant IRSAMC : T. SAUE European summerschool in quantum chemistry (ESQC) :

Open Quantum Systems and Quantum Information Theory

Toulouse, 16-18 November 2011 Correspondent IRSAMC : Ion Nechita, LPT The aim of this workshop is to bring together mathematicians and physicists working on open quantum systems and quantum information theory and to develop interactions between the two communities. Two introductory lectures (...)

Theory days on Stochastic and Dissipative Effects (organised by LPT, workshop IRSAMC)

Toulouse, Nov-Dec 30, 1, 2, 2011 Organizers : P. Romaniello, V. Veniard, P. M. Dinh, and E. Suraud See below :…

Réunion Groupement de Recherche GDR 3314 : Méthodes Corrélées pour la Structure Electronique (organisation LCPQ, IRSAMC)

Toulouse, Nov-Dec 30, 1, 2, 2011 Correspondant IRSAMC : M. CAFFAREL 1. Objectifs de la Réunion La réunion qui se déroulera à Toulouse pendant 2 jours et demi (du mercredi 30 Novembre 2011 après-midi au vendredi soir) est la première réunion inaugurale du Groupement de Recherche CNRS (GDR 3314) (...)
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