coll 2019

International conference Recent Progress in Many Body Theories XX, Toulouse, 9-13 sept.2019

Contact : Eric Suraud (LPT) suraud[AT] The XXth International Conference “Recent Progress in Many Body Theories” will be held at Hotel Dieu Saint Jacques, a UNESCO world Heritage site during 9-13 september, 2019 in Toulouse. The conference continues the series initiated in (...)

Jean-Paul Malrieu’s 80 years celebration, Toulouse, 3-7 sept. 2019

Contact : Nathalie Guihéry (LCPQ), nathalie.guihery[AT] Hélène Bolvin (LCPQ), helene.bolvin[AT] Calculs numériques et compréhension en sciences moléculaires quantiques La chimie quantique apparaît comme une discipline hautement calculatoire, elle applique (...)

Ecole internationale : PAHs in extreme environments, Toulouse du 24 au 28 juin 2019

Contact : Aude SIMON (LCPQ) aude.simon[AT] "The scientific goal of this one week school is to provide young scientists (Masters, PhDs, and Postdocs) with key concepts and tools regarding the physics and chemistry of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in extreme (...)
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