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9th International Intensive Course TCCM 2014

The 9th edition of the Intensive Course of the European Master in Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling (TCCM) was organized at the Université Paul Sabatier (IRSAMC building) in Toulouse - France, and held from the 1st to 26th September.

This intensive course is part of the program of studies of the European Master TCCM, and primarily organized for the students from the 25 participating institutions in Europe.

Organising committee

Teachers of the Université Paul Sabatier

  • Stefano Evangelisti
  • Thierry Leininger
  • Romuald Poteau

European project engineer

  • Aude Garsès

PhD students

  • Muammar El Khatib
  • Oriana Brea
  • Juan Sanz
  • Vijay Chilkuri
  • Christoph Iftner
  • Lucy Cusinato


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