Quantum optics with surface plasmon. Jean-Jacques Greffet (IRSAMC, 6 mars 2017)

Jean-Jacques Greffet
Institut d’optique Palaiseau, Laboratoire Charle Fabry

LIEU  : Salle de séminaire, IRSAMC - Bat. IIIr1-B4 - 3ème étage
DATE  : 6 mars 2017, 14 H

Two-boson interference, as a fundamental quantum feature, has been extensively studied withphotons mainly through the Hong-Ou-Mandel experiment, which shows the coalescence of the two photons after the beamsplitter. We report such an experiment with two freelypropagating surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) interfering on a lossy beamsplitter [1]. We investigate the two-plasmon interference on beamsplitters with different sets of reflection and transmission factors. We observe either coalescence, or anti-coalescence of SPPs [2]. This shows that losses can be viewed as a degree of freedom to control quantum processes. Finally, we report the observation of photon-plasmon entanglement [3].
  • [1] M.-C. Dheur et al., Single-plasmon interferences. Science Advances 2, e1501574 (2016).
  • [2] B. Vest et al. “Coalescence and anti-coalescence of surface plasmons on a lossy beamsplitter”. Arxiv:1610.07479 (2016).
  • [3] B. Vest et al., “Non-Local Control of single surface plasmons”. Arxiv:1610.07493 (2016).

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