Thèse de Maxime Dupont (LPT), Juillet 2018

Titre : Dynamics and disorder in quantum antiferromagnets

Condensed matter physics, and especially strongly correlated systems provide some of the most challenging problems of modern physics. In these systems, the many-body interactions and correlations between quantum particles cannot be neglected ; otherwise, the models would simply fail to capture the relevant physics at play and phenomena ensuing. In particular, the work that I will present deals with quantum magnetism and addresses several distinct questions through computational approaches and state-of-the-art numerical methods. The interplay between disorder (i.e. impurities) and interactions is studied regarding a specific magnetic compound, where instead of the expected many-body localized phase at high magnetic fields, a novel disorder-induced ordered state of matter is found, with a resurgence of quantum coherence. Furthermore, the dynamical response of quantum magnets to an external perturbation, such as it is accessed and measured in nuclear magnetic resonance and inelastic neutron scattering experiments is investigated.

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