coll 2019

Theory days on Fast and Ultrafast electronic processes in cluters and molecules (Toulouse, Nov 27-29 2019)

Organizers : M. Belkacem, P. M. Dinh, C. Meier, and E. Suraud Location : IRSAMC building, IIIR1-B4, room 20, ground floor The scientific program can be found on the following url :…

International conference Recent Progress in Many Body Theories XX, Toulouse, 9-13 sept.2019

Contact : Eric Suraud (LPT) suraud[AT] The XXth International Conference “Recent Progress in Many Body Theories” will be held at Hotel Dieu Saint Jacques, a UNESCO world Heritage site during 9-13 september, 2019 in Toulouse. The conference continues the series initiated in (...)

Jean-Paul Malrieu’s 80 years celebration, Toulouse, 3-7 sept. 2019

Contact : Nathalie Guihéry (LCPQ), nathalie.guihery[AT] Hélène Bolvin (LCPQ), helene.bolvin[AT] Calculs numériques et compréhension en sciences moléculaires quantiques La chimie quantique apparaît comme une discipline hautement calculatoire, elle applique (...)
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